Bob Conge pursued his education at the Rochester Institute of Technology, obtaining a BA degree in 1962. He furthered his studies at Syracuse University, earning an MFA in painting in 1964.
In 1964 and 1965, Conge served as the Director of the J. Thomas Gallery in Provincetown, MA, where he played a pivotal role in promoting and showcasing artists’ works.
His remarkable talent was recognized when he received a prestigious Louis Comfort Tiffany grant for painting in 1964, affirming his skill and dedication to his craft.
From 1964 to 1968, Conge held the position of a full-time assistant professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he actively contributed to the academic and artistic development of students.
From 1968 through 1969, Conge took on the role of Director of a Title III Project for the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, further expanding his influence in the art community.
Since 1970, Conge has consistently produced and exhibited his personal works in numerous esteemed Museums and Galleries. His artwork has garnered international recognition and he has become a well-known figure in the art world. His pieces can be found in public and university collections across the United States, Europe, Japan, and China. Notable institutions
  • Museum of Modern Art – Toyama, Japan
  • Musee de la Publicite – Paris, France
  • Lahti Poster Museum – Lahti, Finland
  • Moravian Gallery – Brno, Czechoslovakia
  • Colorado State University – Fort Collins, CO
  • International Poster Museum – Warsaw, Poland
Bob Conge’s artistic journey has been marked by his exceptional talent and the appreciation his work has received from diverse cultural and artistic institutions worldwide.
Conge lives with his wife Sue and a bunch of friendly animals in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York.
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